Article : Castration: Panacea For Child Sexual Molestation In Nigeria


Castration: Panacea For Child Sexual Molestation In Nigeria


CHUKWU, Christian Chima

Rape, particularly child sexual molestation is one of the most disquieting criminal offences against the child, and is indeed the most grievous of all sexual offences. The wave of rape of minors, and even children sweeping across everywhere in the world is disturbing and a source of serious concern. In Nigeria, its occurrence has indeed become a frightening reality. This study is therefore designed to examine the effects of child sexual molestation, and how the menace has become a hindrance to children development. From the findings, the study reveals that rape, particularly child sexual molestation imparts negatively on the health of victims.  It challenges children’s physical, emotional and psychological vitality as well as pulverizes their self-confidence. Thirdly, that the horror, trauma, and damage that pedophilia inflicts on a young child is not a faith-based problem; it is not a western or developing world problem; it is a problem within every single society. Victims, out of fear or shame or a combination of both, live with the psychological scar -- traumatized lives - not been able to trust anyone. In view of all findings, the paper therefore recommends castration as most appropriate punitive measure for convicts of child sexual molestation. In addition, life imprisonment and even death is also advocated. Furthermore, the paper suggests that, government and non-governmental organizations should embark on aggressive campaigns through rallies, seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences to re-orient and change the attitudes and perceptions of the perpetrators into accepting women, girls and even children as companions rather than as preys, as people with independent minds rather than tag alongs. Also, the paper also suggests that specialized hospitals be established with qualified personnel to provide medical care to victims of rape. Finally, women organisations, including Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other human-rights bodies should partner to curb the menace of rape, particularly child sexual molestation because its continued occurrence contradicts all tenets of human rights. 

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